The Home Inn aims to preserve the tradition, spirit and culture of the neighborhood bar. As a photographer my goal is to show these spaces with a different perspective. That perspective mainly being from the inside. Most people cruise right by these bars without any consideration. Series is shot with both film and digital.

Continuing Project
Brittney at Rite Liquors
Village Inn
Village Inn
Mitchell's Tap
Claudine at Club Belmont
Self Portrait at Club Belmont
Club Belmont
Club Belmont
The Landmark Pub
The Landmark Pub
Whitey at the Village Tavern
Village Tavern
Wilson at Miller's Tap
Miller's Tap
Miller's Tap
Teresa at Carol's Pub
Carol's Pub
Bill at Carol's Pub
Shrine at Cary's Lounge
Patron at Cary's
Cary's Lounge
Archie's Bar
Archie's at Iowa and Rockwell
Army Vest
Miller Time at Roman's
Smilin' Jim's Saloon
June's Inn
Mr ZJ's Inc
Bill's Pub
Couple at June's Inn
Teds Place LTD
Fish Tank at The Home Tavern
Old Stlye at Teds Place
Maria's Tap
Bill's Pub
Mr ZJ's Inc
Bill's Pub
Jefferson Inn
Marilyn at The Jefferson
Back Table at The Jefferson
Jefferson Inn Cash Register
Maria's Tap
The Bar at Maria's
Home Tavern
Jukebox at the Home
Babe's Bar
Babe and Friend
Teds Place
Wall at Teds Place
Juke Box at Ted's